Easy weight loss exercise to do at home

The exercise is important for our health, it can improve our health and keep away from many diseases like type 2 diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular disease. Physical activity and exercise can have immediate and long term benefits for our health.
There are many diseases occur due to obesity to prevent obesity we should do exercise regularly.

Here are five best exercises which you can do at home:-

1. Goblet squat


A goblet squat is a foundational lower body exercise hold a kettlebell by the horns which are its side handles turn your toes out and allow your knees to track in the direction your toes are facing sink your hips deep down really deep down while keeping your upper body erect and scapula retracted when you get to the bottom adjustment to counterbalance your body weight and prevent toppling over while at the bottom of the squat feel free to shift your body weight side to side to work into the hips exhale and explosively rise up to the top as if you are trying to pop your head straight through the roof . Repeat these have been goblet squats.

2. Step-up


To do step-up stand in front of the step (30cm high). Tense abs, booty, thighs. Put left foot on the step. Bring right knee inline w. your chest. Make sure the left leg is fully extended. Lower right leg back to the floor. Repeat an alternate leg.

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3. Bear crawl


A bear crawl is a full-body exercise that improves muscular endurance and agility begin in quad expedition hoist your hips higher than your shoulders, push your feet against the ground as if launching out of sprinter block propel yourself forward using your arms and legs try to cover as much ground as possible as swiftly as possible tread lightly this has been the bear crawl.

4. Jackknife sit-ups


Lie flat on the ground on your back together with your arms extended straight back behind your head this may be your beginning position as you exhale bend at the waist while simultaneously raising your legs and arms to meet in a correct jackknife position. The legs ought to be extended and upraised at about a 45-degree angle from the ground and therefore the arms ought to be extended and parallel to your legs the higher body should be off the ground .while eupnoeic lower your arms and legs back to the beginning position.

5. Farmer’s walk


A jump squat is a basic squat with a polymetric leap begin standing erect sink down as you would in a basic squat swing your elbows past your ribcage powerfully thrust your hips forward and catapult your body into the air swing your arms forward and up as you do this for leverage while airborne triple extend through the knees hips and ankles land lightly toe to heel with soft knees and resume a squat to repeat these have been jumped squats.

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