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V.P.N stands for virtual private network. The concept of VPN arose from making you safe in public network.


How VPN work meme

How V.P.N Works?

Let’s understand this concept in simple language.


How VPN work meme 

Let’s think that when you use the internet. You must be taken an internet connection from I.S.P (Like Jio, USA sim card, T-mobile or any broadband connection) through which you are able to use the internet.

What really happen ?


How VPN work meme

When you type “google.com” in your mobile or computer. Then your computer sends a request to your service provider and your service provider send a request to google.com server and you are able to see google.com.

Anytime your I.S.P(Internet service provider) create a wall between any server and you.

This blocking techniques are basically done by colleges. They can block many torrent sites. Whenever you are sending a request or search block sites. Your request is blocked by the I.S.P.


How VPN work meme 

These techniques are also used by the government to block pirated movie site and many more. They told the I.S.P that whenever this I.P (or any) request come to you, Immediately block him.

What does a VPN hide?

Basically, When you send a request to google.com it shows that you are suffering google.com. But when you use VPN it creates a tunnel.

When your mobile or computer sends a request to I.S.P. It shows to the I.S.P that you want to connect those servers which are hosted in any country or region(India, U.S.A, Australia and many more) After that, those servers can search google.com and result shown to you. That will create an Encryption connection between them. Your I.S.P can’t track your data.

It is a myth of a people that: By using V.P.N, they can completely hide them. But be remember that your I.S.P can’t see your data but the server I.S.P can see What you are searching.

Do not use V.P.N during account login or banking related queries because your data may be stolen.

Your speed can’t be increased through V.P.N.

How to setup V.P.N in Phone for free?

  1. Open play store in your android phone?
  2. Search Turbo V.P.N, and install it.
  3. After that go to the free section and connect to available countries.
  4. Your data comes from that country.


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