Remix os for android-latest 2019

After the invention of new technology, many new discoveries took place. When the world first computer built. Its size is about a room. Continue reading to know more about Remix os for android.

But in today’s world computer are fit to the human hands.

Remix os for android

With the help of an emulator, people can easily use any android application into their operating system. Whether it is Mac, Windows or Linux. But today we can learn How to use a laptop in your smartphone.

Leena Desktop UI (Multi-window)

An application available on Google Play named Leena Desktop had released their beta version for the people who want to convert their smartphone into desktop.

This application gives a beautiful feature to the user that you can connect mouse and keyword with your smartphone without rooting or break any android rule.

This application is downloded by approx 1 million user.

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So lets Convert your smartphone into laptop:

Remix-os for-android
  1. Step: Open Google Play in your smartphone.
  2. Search Leena Desktop UI (Multiwindow). This app has both free and pro version. Select as per your need.
  3. After that click on install Accept terms and condition and you are ready to go.


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